Boris Sheiko släpper en bok på engelska


Inga träffar.


Jag fick just ett meddelande att Boris bok kommit ut på engelska. Boris skriver:

”I can’t believe, but we did it!
It took for a couple of years to translate my book.
Today it has been launched on the website of our friends from RenaissanceGroup and now it is available for purchase. Here is the link:… This is the e-book.
This is my first book (out of dozens) ever translated into English and I am pretty happy for that. Especially for this book I wrote 4 brand new programs. Three of these programs are designed for athletes who have one weak competition movement and want to improve it, while continuing to train and maintain the other two lifts. You can also find a program for benchers only. Finally, I decided to share the most popular program among powerlifters in recent years, which was published in my apps for iOS and Android. It is the medium volume program for advanced athletes. All five programs presented herein are 4 workouts per week.
Well, what about the rest of the book. It has 377 pages and there are not only the training programs, but also:
– A comprehensive guide to my approach to powerlifting program design
– A thorough description of the process of teaching the powerlifts to beginners
– Discussions about how to use specific exercises to address certain weak points in intermediate and advanced lifters
– An in-depth discussion about the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly arrangement of training volumes, intensities, and exercise selections
– Graphic and descriptive guides on performing every competitive and most assistance exercises for every all lifts
– A guide to nutrition for the optimization of powerlifting training
– Multiple sections on the biomechanics of each exercise, including the analysis of multiple execution styles based on different bodytypes, and more!

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